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“Our mission is to be partners with God in transforming people into fully devoted followers of Jesus.”

Welcome to Maroubra Baptist Church

Archives of the Audio of Sunday Services:

Here is a list of archived and available audio files of our Sunday Services. If you would like a copy of any of these sermons, please contact the church as we are more than happy to provide them to anyone - just ask!

You may also wish to access Neil's notes handouts that he created for everyone during his various series. These are files of each year's worth of notes grouped together in one document respectively:


Christmas Season 2015:

I'm Not The Only One Who's Excited About God's Word: Neil Wykes, 27 Dec 2015
Christmas Day: What Would Jesus Say To Us This Christmas?: Neil Wykes, 25 Dec 2015
Preparation For Christmas: Neil Wykes, 20 Dec 2015
Kids Connection Christmas Concert - A King Is Coming To Town: Neil Wykes, 13 Dec 2015

Paul's Prayers for the Church:

Paul's Prayer for the Church Part 3 - At Colosse: Neil Wykes, 6 Dec 2015
Paul's Prayer for the Church Part 2 - At Philippi: Neil Wykes, 29 Nov 2015
Paul's Prayer for the Church Part 1 - At Ephesus: Neil Wykes, 22 Nov 2015

7 Wonders of Grace:

More Wonders of Grace - Irresisible Grace: Neil Wykes, 15 Nov 2015
More Wonders of Grace - God's Enabling Grace: Neil Wykes, 8 Nov 2015
Part 7 - The Greatest Wonder Of All - Me!: Neil Wykes, 1 Nov 2015
Part 6 - The Apostle Paul: Neil Wykes, 18 Oct 2015
Part 5 - The Philippian Jailer: Neil Wykes, 11 Oct 2015
Part 4 - Onesimus The Runaway Slave: Neil Wykes, 4 Oct 2015
Part 3 - The Dying Thief: Neil Wykes, 27 Sep 2015
Part 2 - The Woman Who Was A Sinner: Neil Wykes, 20 Sep 2015
Part 1 - Manasseh The Outrageous Rebel: Neil Wykes, 13 Sep 2015

Baptist World Aid:

Be Love Sunday: Cameron Eccleston, 25 Oct 2015

Fathers Day:

I've Got The Best Father: Neil Wykes, 6 Sep 2015


We Must Warn Them: Neil Wykes, 23 Aug 2015
Ashamed of Jesus: Neil Wykes, 16 Aug 2015
The Promise of God's Presence in Witnessing: Neil Wykes, 2 Aug 2015
The Promise of Powerful Witnessing: Neil Wykes, 26 Jul 2015
Our Small Part: Neil Wykes, 19 Jul 2015
A Role To Play: Phanuel Pandrey, 12 Jul 2015

God Hears Our Prayers: Neil Wykes, 5 Jul 2015
Open Our Eyes: Neil Wykes, 28 Jun 2015
How To Be A Good Ambassador: Neil Wykes, 21 Jun 2015
Please note: Sermons for weeks 31-May to 14-Jun are available upon request. Due to their content they will not be posted to this website. Please contact us if you would like to listen to any of these sermons.

Guest Speakers:

Are You Faithful To Your Calling?: Chris Burdett, 24 May 2015
Anzac Day Cormemorative Service: John Ralph, 26 Apr 2015
The Good Samaritan: Cameron Ecceleston, 19 Apr 2015

Easter 2015

Easter Sunday (How the Death of Christ Saves Us cont'd): Neil Wykes, 5 Apr 2015.
Good Friday: Neil Wykes, 3 Apr 2015.

How The Death Of Christ Saves Us:

Part 9 - Sanctification: Neil Wykes, 12 Apr 2015.
Part 8 - Assurance (Easter Sunday): Neil Wykes, 5 Apr 2015.
Part 7 - Adoption: Neil Wykes, 29 Mar 2015.
Part 6 - Imputation: Neil Wykes, 22 Mar 2015.
Part 5 - Does Sin Matter?: Neil Wykes, 15 Mar 2015.
Part 4 - Propitiation: Neil Wykes, 8 Mar 2015.
Part 3 - Redemption: Neil Wykes, 1 Mar 2015.
Part 2 - Justification: Neil Wykes, 22 Feb 2015.
Part 1 - Death Is The Heart Of The Gospel: Neil Wykes, 15 Feb 2015.

I Am:

The Way: Jim Kime, 17 May 2015
The Resurrection: Jim Kime, 10 May 2015
The Good Shepherd: Jim Kime, 3 May 2015
The Vine: Jim Kime, 1 Feb 2015
The Gate: Jim Kime, 25 Jan 2015
The Light: Jim Kime, 18 Jan 2015
The Bread: Jim Kime, 11 Jan 2015


Christmas Season 2014:

Looking Forward With Anticipation: Neil Wykes, 4 Jan 2015.
Looking Back With Gratitude: Neil Wykes, 28 Dec 2014.
Let's Have A 3D Christmas: Neil Wykes, 25 Dec 2014
Preparing for Christmas: Neil Wykes, 21 Dec 2014.
Jesus' First & Second Coming: Neil Wykes, 14 Dec 2014.
Kids Connection Concert - Shepherds, Sheep & A Saviour: Neil Wykes, 7 Dec 2014

What To Do Series:

When Satan Attacks: Neil Wykes, 30 Nov 2014.
When Your Children Stray: Neil Wykes, 23 Nov 2014.
When A Loved One Dies: Neil Wykes, 16 Nov 2014.
When You Have A Financial Crisis: Neil Wykes, 9 Nov 2014.
When Your Marriage Is Failing: Neil Wykes, 26 Oct 2014.
When Your Dreams Get Shattered: Neil Wykes, 19 Oct 2014.
When You're Depressed: Neil Wykes, 12 Oct 2014.
When You Hit The Crossroads Of Life: Neil Wykes, 5 Oct 2014.
When You Are Running On Empty: Neil Wykes, 28 Sep 2014.
When You Feel Like A Failure: Neil Wykes, 21 Sep 2014.
When You Are Falsely Accused: Neil Wykes, 14 Sep 2014.


The Love Of God: Neil Wykes, 2 Nov 2014.

Guest Speakers:

Father's Day Message: Parable Of The Lost Son: Kerry Larwill, 7 Sep 2014
Be Kind: Chris Burdett, 31 Aug 2014
Baptist World Aid: Be Love Sunday: Cameron Eccleston, 24 Aug 2014
Bangladesh Youth First Centre: Peter Halder, 17 Aug 2014
Trust: Kerry Larwill, 10 Aug 2014
How To Ask: Kerry Larwill, 3 Aug 2014
Jesus In The Old Testament: Bob Mendelsohn, 27 Jul 2014
Is There Hope When I Feel Like Quitting?: Chris Burdett, 20 Jul 2014
Is The Camel Still Thirsty?: Chris Burdett, 13 Jul 2014

Stewardship Series:

Stewardship: Management of Time: Neil Wykes, 29 Jun 2014
Stewardship: Management of Gifts and Abilities: Neil Wykes, 22 Jun 2014
Stewardship: Management of Money Part 2: Neil Wykes, 15 June 2014
Stewardship: Management of Money Part 1: Neil Wykes, 8 June 2014
Stewardship: Management of Children Part 2: Neil Wykes, 1 June 2014.
Stewardship: Management of Children Part 1: Neil Wykes, 25 May 2014. Notes also available.
Stewardship Is Management: Neil Wykes, 18 May 2014

Easter 2014:

Resurrection Sunday: Neil Wykes, Easter Sunday 20 Apr 2014.
Palm Sunday - Jesus' Triumphal Entry: Neil Wykes, 13 Apr 2014.

2014 Sermons:

Good News About The King: Jim Kime, 11 May 2014.
Jesus The Master Soul Winner: Neil Wykes, 4 May 2014
Be A Hero: Neil Wykes, 27 Apr 2014.
You Will Receive Power: Neil Wykes, 6 Apr 2014.
Be Filled With The Spirit Part 2 - Have Another Drink (no audio): Neil Wykes, 30 Mar 2014.
Be Filled With The Spirit: Neil Wykes, 23 Mar 2014.
How To Quench The Holy Spirit: Neil Wykes, 2 Mar 2014.
The Rich Man and Lazarus: Kerry Larwill, 23 Feb 2014.
The Holy Spirit Within Us: Neil Wykes, 16 Feb 2014.
The Promise Of Christ's Continuing Presence: Neil Wykes, 9 Feb 2014.
Are You Peter Or Pilate?: Darren Wykes, 2 Feb 2014.
Lord What Gift Can I Use To Edify The Church?: Chris Burdett, 26 Jan 2014.
Equipping The Saints Part 2: Jega, 19 Jan 2014.
Equipping The Saints Part 1: Jega, 12 Jan 2014.
Set A Banquet (Praise) For The Lord: Sam Mbakwe, 5 Jan 2014.


Christmas 2013:

Let's Walk With Jesus Like Never Before: Neil Wykes, 29 Dec 2013.
Mary Did You Know?: Chris Burdett, 22 Dec 2013.
Kids Connection Service - Star of Wonder: Neil Wykes, 8 Dec 2013

Bible Characters:

John The Baptist - Forerunner To Jesus: Neil Wykes, 15th Dec 2013.
Malachi - Stop Robbing God: Neil Wykes, 1st Dec 2013.
Esther - Queen For Such A Time As This: Neil Wykes, 24 Nov 2013.
Nehemiah - The Godly Motivator: Neil Wykes, 17th Nov 2013.
Haggai - Holes In Your Money Bags: Neil Wykes, 10th Nov 2013.
Ezra - A Man Of The Word: Neil Wykes, 3rd Nov 2013.
Daniel - The Superstar Prophet: Neil Wykes, 27th Oct 2013.
Ezekiel - The Weird Prophet: Neil Wykes, 20th Oct 2013.
Jeremiah: The Weeping Prophet: Neil Wykes, 13th Oct 2013.
Isaiah - Greatest Of All Prophets: Neil Wykes, 6th Oct 2013.
Hezekiah - The Greatest King of Judah: Neil Wykes, 29th Sept 2013.
Joash - Protected By God's Providence: Neil Wykes, 22nd Sept 2013.
Jehoshaphat - A Godly King: Neil Wykes, 15th Sept 2013.
Elisha - Another Miraculous Life: Neil Wykes, 1st Sept 2013.
Elijah - A Miraculous Life: Neil Wykes, 25th August 2013.
Jeroboam - A Stumbling Block Forever: Neil Wykes, 18th August 2013.
Solomon - The Great: Neil Wykes, 11th August 2013.
David - Part 2: A Heart After God's Own Heart: Neil Wykes, 4th Aug 2013.
David - Part 1: A Man Close To God: Neil Wykes, 28th July 2013.
Jonathan - A Real Mate: Neil Wykes, 21st July 2013.
Saul, The First King - Fabulous Potential Squandered: Neil Wykes, 14th July 2013.
Samuel - A Person Dedicated To God: Neil Wykes, 7th July 2013.
Ruth - A Model of Commitment: Neil Wykes, 19th May 2013.
Hannah - True To Her Commitment: Neil Wykes, 12th May 2013.
Samson - How To Become Weak: Neil Wykes, 28th April 2013.
Gideon - From Nobody to Somebody: Neil Wykes, 21st April 2013.
Caleb - So That We Might Have Hope: Chris Burdett, 14th April 2013.
Joshua - Possessing Your Future: Neil Wykes, 7th April 2013.
Moses - Making the Right Choice: Neil Wykes, Easter Sunday 31st March 2013.
Joseph - Succeeding In Spite Of Circumstances: Neil Wykes, 24th March 2013.
Jacob - His Dramatic Life: Neil Wykes, 17th March 2013.
Isaac - The Meat in the Sandwich: Neil Wykes, 10th March 2013.
Abraham - Four Tests of Real Faith: Neil Wykes, 3rd March 2013.
Noah - The Type of Person God Uses: Neil Wykes, 17th February 2013.

Guest Speakers:

Learning to be like Jesus: Chris Burdett, 7th Sept 2013.
Who Am I?: Chris Burdett, 30th June 2013
Control-Z: Chris Burdett, 23rd June 2013.
You Are More Than A Conqueror: Jega Rao, 16th June 2013
When There Are No More Jars The Oil Stops: Jega Rao, 9th June 2013


Ten Percent Has Nothing To Do With Ten Cents: Darren Wkyes, 2nd June 2013
Don't Touch My French Fries: Darren Wykes, 26th May 2013

May Missions Month:

Suffering & Rejoicing: Norman McLaughlin, Open Doors, 5th May 2013.

Easter 2013:

Good Friday - Forgiveness: Neil Wykes, 29th March 2013

Love Your Neighbour:

Love Your Neighbour: Jega Rao, 24th February 2013

Neil's 30 Years at MBC:

The Love of Christ Constrains Us: Richard Ansoul, 3rd February 2013

New Year 2013:

Awaken Your Vision: Neil Wykes, 10th February 2013
You Want Me To Love You: Chris Burdett, 27th January 2013
To Love the Lord Your God: Jega Rao, 20th January 2013
How to Approach God: Chris Burdett, 13th January 2013
Why do bad things happen to good people?: Chris Burdett, 6th January 2013.


Christmas Day:

Have You Heard? Have You Listened?: Darren Wykes, 25th December 2012.


Why Shouldn't I Be Baptised: Neil Wykes, 16th December 2012

Kids Connection:

Kid's Connection Concert 2012: Neil Wykes, 9th December 2012

New Testament Series.

You may also wish to access Neil's Notes from the New Testament that he created for everyone during the reading of the New Testament in 2012, which is a file of all his notes grouped together in one document.
Victory: Neil Wykes, 30th December 2012.
Letter to the Seven Churches: Neil Wykes, 23rd December 2012.
John's 2nd and 3rd Letters: Neil Wykes, 2nd December 2012.
John's First Letter: Neil Wykes, 25th November 2012.
Paul's Last Letter - 2 Timothy: Neil Wykes, 18th November 2012.
Peter's 2nd Letter: Neil Wykes, 11th November 2012.
Letter to the Hebrews: Neil Wykes, 4th November 2012.
Peter's First Letter: Neil Wykes, 28th October 2012.
Paul's Letter to Titus: Neil Wykes, 21st October 2012.
1 Timothy: Neil Wykes, 7th October 2012.
Paul's Letter to the Philippians: Neil Wykes,30th September 2012.
Paul's Letter to the Ephesians: Neil Wykes,23rd September 2012.
Paul's Letter to the Colossians: Neil Wykes,16th September 2012.
Paul's Letter to Philemon: Neil Wykes,9th September 2012.
Paul the Witness for Jesus: Neil Wykes, 2nd September 2012.
Romans - Part 4 - Chapter 12: Neil Wykes, 26th August 2012
Romans - Part 3 - Chapter 8: Neil Wykes, 19th August 2012
Romans - Part 2 - The Fruit of Justification: Neil Wykes, 5th August 2012
Romans - Part 1 - A New Kind of Righteousness: Neil Wykes, 29th July 2012.
Galatians - By Grace Alone Free From The Law: Neil Wykes, 22nd July 2012.
2 Corinthians - Part 2 - Giving: Neil Wykes, 15th July 2012.
2 Corinthians - Part 1 - Suffering for Christ: Neil Wykes, 8th July 2012.
1 Corinthians - Part 2 - Spiritual Gifts: Neil Wykes, 1st July 2012.
1 Corinthians - Part 1 - The Most Excellent Way: Neil Wykes, 24th June 2012.
2 Thessalonians: Neil Wykes, 17th June 2012.
1 Thessalonians: Neil Wykes, 10th June 2012.
Paul's Journeys: Neil Wykes, 3rd June 2012
The Letter From James: Neil Wykes, 27th May 2012.
Let's Be Unstoppable: Neil Wykes, 20th May 2012
Why First to Mary: Neil Wykes, 13th May 2012
John's Seven Signs : Neil Wykes, 15th April 2012
The Prodical Son: Neil Wykes, 1st April 2012
A Friend at Midnight: Neil Wykes, 25th March 2012
The Parable of the Good Samaritan: Neil Wykes, 18th March 2012
Opportunity Knocks at the Worst Times: Neil Wykes, 11th March 2012
Get Out: Neil Wykes, 4th March 2012
One Incredible Storeroom: Neil Wykes, 26th February 2012
The Unpardonable Sin: Neil Wykes, 19th February 2012

Christians Against Poverty:

CAP Money Launch: Andy Thomas, 14th October 2012.

Loving One Another:

Loving One Another: Bec Tandis, 7th October 2012.

Chris Burdett's Ordination:

Chris Burdett's Ordination: Ken Clendinning, 12th August 2012

Global Interaction 'Moved' Series:

Mission 1: Moved by God: Neil Wykes, 22nd April 2012
Mission 2: Moved by Others: Neil Wykes, 29th April 2012
Mission 3: Moved by Need: Neil Wykes, 6th May 2012

Easter Services:

Easter Sunday - Easter Power for Living: Neil Wykes, 8th April 2012
Good Friday - Jesus' Deliberate Death: Neil Wykes, 6th April 2012

Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum:

The Church and The Jews - Part 1: Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum, 25th March 2012
The Church and The Jews - Part 2: Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum, 25th March 2012
The Basis of The Second Coming - Part 1: Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum, 26th March 2012
The Basis of The Second Coming - Part 2: Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum, 26th March 2012
The Tribulation - Part 1: Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum, 27th March 2012
The Tribulation - Part 2: Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum, 27th March 2012

Living in Community:

Living in Community: Barry Higgins, 12th February 2012

What Can We Expect From God This Year:

What Can We Expect From God This Year: Neil Wykes, 5th February 2012

Joseph Our Role Model:

Joseph Our Role Model: Chris Burdett, 29th January 2012

How to Overcome Low Self Esteem:

How to Overcome Low Self Esteem: Chris Burdett, 22nd January 2012

Entering Into An Abundant Victorious Christian Life:

Entering Into An Abundant Victorious Christian Life: Chris Burdett, 15th January 2012

The Shepherd:

The Shepherd: Sam Mbakwe, 8th January 2012

The Greatest Read Ever:

The Greatest Read Ever: Neil Wykes, 1st January 2012


Evidence of Salvation - Fruits of the Spirit:

What is the Gospel? The Fruit of Salvation: Neil Wykes, 2nd October 2011
Evidence of Salvation - The Fruit of Joy: Neil Wykes, 9th October 2011
Evidence of Salvation - The Fruit of Peace: Neil Wykes, 16th October 2011
Evidence of Salvation - The Fruit of Patience: Neil Wykes, 30th October 2011
Evidence of Salvation - The Fruit of Kindness: Neil Wykes, 6th November 2011
Evidence of Salvation - The Fruit of Goodness: Neil Wykes, 13th November 2011
Evidence of Salvation - The Fruit of Faithfulness: Neil Wykes, 11th December 2011
Evidence of Salvation - The Fruit of Self Control: Neil Wykes, 18th December 2011